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After flogging one-legged turkeys from the back of a three-wheeled van, Del’s confident at last he’s onto a winner with Trigger’s consignment of Old English vinyl briefcases. How can his brother Rodney even think of abandoning the high-flying world of trading for a real job? Rodney’s depressed. His mate Mickey Pearce has moved in on his bird – Monica of the fat thighs – and life isn’t exactly a social whirl. Del has the solution – they’ll all be millionaires in a year! Cue his smooth friend Boycie and a very dodgy deal

3rd movie – “Dance Styles” – “Dating Agency”

To Hull and Back. He ropes in Rodney and Albert and they take to the seas with Albert at the helm but end up getting lost until Del ask directions to Holland from a bloke on a gas rig in the North sea! On the trio’s return to England with the diamonds they find Del’s old adversary Chief Inspector Slater laying in wait! A Royal Flush. Rodney meets Victoria down the market and as soon as Del finds out that Rodder’s is dating the Duke of Malbury’s daughter, he starts making plans for the wedding of the year.

The Frogs Legacy.

Del Boy uses Rodney’s election as chairman of the local tenants’ association to Delboy meets an actress, Raquel, through the Technomatch Dating Agency;.

DVD release Meet Derek Duvale – suave, sophisticated tycoon, and alter-ego of dodgy dealer Delboy Trotter. His ambition is to meet a girl who’s refined enough to tell the difference between a bottle of Liebfraumilch and a bottle of Tizer. With Only Fools and Horses DVD sales now topping , copies, this record number in the non-film DVD market continues to prove the timeless quality and popularity of the series.

All DVD’s are menu driven with scene selection. It’s been a good month for Trotter’s Independent Trading Company. The unprecedented demand for ladies razors has meant Del and Rodney can escape the daily struggle for a while and enjoy life’s rewards. Their attention turns to romance as Rodney scores a date with Nervous Neris – an afternoon cruise in the three-wheeler which proves memorable for all the wrong reasons.

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Watch the video. After witnessing Trigger’s unexpected success with his date from a local computer dating agency, Del fancies his chances of having some too. He duly enrolls, and sets out to meet his blind date at Waterloo Station. All seems to go well on their first date at a posh hotel – but have they both been entirely honest with each other? Written by stevecann Everything in this episode is there for a reason, to help tell the story.

Some land, such as Del Boy telling his dating agent that “he’s been engaged more times than a switchboard”. Others fall flatter than Rodney’s.

Comedian – and co-writer of the musical – Paul Whitehouse reveals the plot will be centred around when Del Boy meets Raquel. The new Only Fools and Horses musical will centre around one of the show creator’s favourite episodes of the iconic comedy — when Del Boy and Raquel first get together. The musical was the final project Only Fools writer and creator John Sullivan was working on before his untimely death in Fans will be able to get tickets from Ticketmaster here.

His son Jim has now teamed up to write the new musical with comedian Paul Whitehouse and fans should not be disappointed as the plot will have lots of the show’s best loved gags and scenes. So that is perfect, we have to have that and we have to have the women from Only Fools in it. She sings about what she wants to do in life and Del pretends he can give it to her.

Dates was the seventh Christmas special episode of Only Fools, first broadcast on December 25 in In the episode, Del Boy joins a dating agency and meets Raquel. I thought that was a good way of showcasing Granddad’s London. It is granddad saying it has gone or is going to some extent. London is a character too really without sounding too pretentious. So what she sees is a vision of future London so you can have your artisan bakers and vintage clothing. But it is not thought that any of the original cast will take part as they are now much older than their characters.

Only Fools and Horses The Musical is only for fans of the TV series

In the episode, Del Boy joins a dating agency and meets Raquel. Rodney also goes on a date, with Nag’s Head barmaid Nerys. The Trotters have been earning a lot of money recently, and Uncle Albert ‘s birthday is approaching, which Del Boy and Rodney pretend to have forgotten. Meanwhile, after seeing a girl Trigger has met through a local dating agency , Del also decides to sign up.

Pukka: Tom Bennett as Del Boy with Paul Whitehouse as Grandad sell himself on Peckham’s new computerised dating agency, as a couple.

She was portrayed by Tessa Peake-Jones. During the episode she was introduced to Del Boy via a dating agency and at first the 2 got on well, she told Del that she was a trained actress with ambitions to have a full time career in the profession, although her only experiences of the business thus far had been an unsuccessfull pop duo with a friend called ‘Double cream’. Additional Hints Decrypt.

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Only Fools And Horses The Musical: He Who Dares, Wins… Almost

Looks like this article is a bit old. Be aware that information may have changed since it was published. Here, a fairly safe choice is made to centre the story at the point Del Boy meets Raquel. Overall the production does a great job in giving people what they want by mimicking the original characters and situations.

suave, sophisticated tycoon, and alter-ego of dodgy dealer Delboy Trotter. Del joins a new computer dating agency and is excited about.

Meanwhile, Boycie and Marlene give parenthood one final shot and Grandad takes stock of his life and decides the time has finally arrived to get his piles sorted. Only Fools and Horses The Musical is a feel-good family celebration of traditional working-class London life and the aspirations we all share. Only Fools and Horses The Musical will be a truly cushty night out.

The show opens at the Theatre Royal Haymarket in February. Previews from 9 February Press Night 19 February Tickets are on sale from today. To book go to onlyfoolsmusical. Sir David Jason is heading off on a trip along the west coast of America by road, rail and air exploring both the rich heritage of iconic American transport and glimpsing the high-tech future on offer for a new TV series.

Train buff, one-time mechanic and pilot Sir David Jason will embark on an epic month-long journey in this special travel documentary series. This all-American travel experience captures numerous pit stops and excursions along the way as David disembarks for a series of encounters discovering the unique, pioneering history of the West Coast.

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Meanwhile, there are a lot of dodgy deals and social climbing still to be done by the funniest family in British comedy history. This complete collection includes all the episodes from Series 1 – 7 and all the Specials. View in iTunes. Del is confident that he’s on to a winner with Trigger’s consignment of Old English vinyl briefcases. How can his brother Rodney even think of abandoning the high flying world of trading for a real job?

pm, million, When Del sees the girl Triggers met through a dating agency he pm, million, Del has organised the annual Jolly Boys’ Outing to.

The Trotter saga began in with Rodney leaving the business for Hong Kong. There are also curry wars, the onset of World War 3, and a bus tour of interest to no-one. Episode Guide. In Series 2, Rodney first reveals his love for a woman in uniform – if only it wasn’t a policewoman he’s after! There’s also trouble with a chandelier, and Grandad is imprisoned – in Spain! A fishing trip takes a turn for the worse: has Del had his chips? There’s also plenty of bother from Detective Roy Slater, kerfuffle with a canary, and Rodney’s promoted – to become Chairman of the Residents’ Association.

Life changes dramatically for the brothers Trotter, with the death of their beloved Grandad shaking Nelson Mandela House to its core. But fret not, for Trotter-shaped mayhem is never far off when Grandad’s brother, the old sea dog Uncle Albert, arrives on the scene Del’s enterprising spirit ramps up from Series 5: he gets involved in the sale of babies, exploits a holy miracle at a local church, and gets into the film business.

His cruel streak also makes more than a bit of a showing when Rodney falls for the daughter of an aristocrat The seeds of paternal doubt begin to be sewn in Rodney’s mind.

Del Boy Falls Through the Bar – Only Fools and Horses – BBC