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Cheyenne had a boyfriend and a burgeoning clothing company in California when she went on The Challenge. At the reunion show, she hooked up with castmate Cory, then went back to her life with her boyfriend Zach. When Cheyenne found out she was pregnant, she thought Zach was the father, but when her daughter Ryder was born with a genetic disorder, they took a paternity test and discovered Cory was the father instead. Cheyenne broke up with Zach to put her relationship with Cory first, but he wasn’t interested in getting serious and was quick to move on. Now, Cheyenne must accept another woman will be in Ryder’s life. Follow Maci, Amber, Catelynn and Cheyenne as they face the challenges of motherhood. Each episode interweaves these stories revealing the wide variety of challenges young mothers can face: marriage, relationships, family support, adoption, finances, graduating high school, starting college, getting a job, and the daunting and exciting step of moving out to create their own families. All Results Videos Shows News.

Ryan Edwards

Ryan Edwards was just a teen when him and Maci Bookout had their son, Bentley. But their relationship quickly went downhill, as Ryan appeared disinterested in co-parenting, and Maci was left to fend for herself. Through the years, the exes have managed to move on and split parenting duties equally. Fame10 reminds us the two met through motocross via mutual friends, and they hit it off soon after they first introduced themselves.

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TV Schedule. Sign In. Teen Mom OG —. Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Unknown. S2, Ep1. Error: please try again. Farrah calls the police on her own mother. Amber faces a pregnancy scare. Maci takes her ex, Ryan, to court for child support. Catelynn is upset that she has to move out of her boyfriend’s house and back in with her family. S2, Ep2. Catelynn gets caught in a lie. Amber’s boyfriend might leave her for someone else.

Farrah juggles college, a new job and moving houses – all with her daughter Sophia.

Maci Bookout’s husband, Taylor, claps back at Ryan and Mackenzie in the most savage way possible

June — Maci begins spending time with Kyle King and the two are photographed together on a boat. July — Maci and Kyle make things sort of official on Twitter. September — Maci and Kyle King break up for the second time in.

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She also revealed that Ryan continued to blow up her phone…right up until he married his current wife Mackenzie Edwards! I had the biggest crush on him in high school. He had gone out with her one time and they had sex and he got her pregnant the first time. They made me look so bad. They were amazing people. They were filming anyway, so I started to film.

I was on a couple of episodes, just briefly.

Everything You Need to Know About Maci Bookout From ‘Teen Mom OG’

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Taylor McKinney proved us once again that he doesn’t take any from Ryan or his wife, Mackenzie. Maci Bookout, now McKinney, was dating.

Rumors are flying that Maci Bookout’s ex-boyfriend may be getting ready to welcome another little one to the Edwards family. According to reports, the rumors started when Ryan tweeted that he was going to “be a dad again. The tweet was quickly deleted, but not before fans saw it, and took a screen shot of the surprising announcement. Fans are now wondering if Ryan Edwards announced the news prematurely, or if he was just playing a prank on fans.

The “Teen Mom OG” dad was dating girlfriend Jordan Brown, but the pair haven’t made any references to one another on social media for quite some time, and Ryan even deleted all traces of Jordan from his social media accounts. It seems Ryan isn’t going to comment on the tweet , or if he really is going to be a father again. However, the new season of “Teen Mom OG” begins airing on August 22, so fans may find out the big news then.

Meanwhile, Ryan’s ex-girlfriend, Maci Bookout, has made their son Bentley a big brother twice over. If Ryan is expecting his second child then Bentley will have a lot of practice being a big brother. Maci, who is planning to get married to Taylor in October, will be seen dealing with her growing family, and surprise third pregnancy when “Teen Mom OG” returns to TV.

In the meantime, it appears that Ryan Edwards may need to figure out how he’s going to handle having two children if, in fact, he is actually expecting baby number two in the near future. Click on the topic that interests you to follow it.

Maci Bookout, Teen Mom Star, Gets Back Together With Ex-Boyfriend Ryan Edwards

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The VERY 1st, orginial, fb fan page created for Maci DeShane Bookout! was asked before & your guys’s vote was YES, we’ll do it again after the debate today!

Subscriber Account active since. At the time, she and her then-boyfriend Ryan Edwards were expecting their son Bentley. And a few years after that, Bookout met Taylor McKinney whom she would later marry. A decade later, Bookout appears on the show which has been renamed “Teen Mom OG” with her husband and earlier this year, MTV aired a special episode of the show dedicated to the couple’s love story. From meeting at a motocross race to starting a family, here’s a timeline of Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney’s relationship.

She was there to support her boyfriend at the time, who was a professional racer, but she and McKinney quickly befriended one another. McKinney said he was “really drawn to Maci’s confidence. Shortly after, Bookout and McKinney began a long-distance relationship. They said they made the most out of it by meeting in different cities for social events and races about every other weekend. Their decision to make the move official was documented on “Teen Mom OG. In October of that year, Bookout announced she was pregnant with her second child and McKinney’s first.

She was born on May 29, The two launched their own clothing line called Things That Matter in November The brand sells clothing and accessories for adults, children, and babies.

Ryan and Mackenzie’s ‘Teen Mom OG’ Scenes Are Uncomfortable Enough Without Kids

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Once Again, ‘Teen Mom’ Fans Think Ryan Edwards Has Been Hitting up His Ex blasted by his ex-girlfriend, Shelby Woods, on Twitter yet again for doing just that. Maci Bookout Slams Ryan Edwards Over Drug Abuse.

The Tennessee teen had the tot with then-boyfriend Ryan Edwards, and the two went on to have an on-and-off relationship as she transitioned to the spinoff “Teen Mom,” which debuted later that year. In honor of Maci’s 29th birthday on Aug. Keep reading for more…. These days Maci Bookout is a busy mom of three! She’s happily married to Taylor McKinney, with whom she welcomed daughter Jayde in and son Maverick in The show has chronicled her rough relationship with ex Ryan Edwards, son Bentley’s father, who has addressed legal issues stemming from his arrest for heroin possession.

Maci and Taylor got a two-year restraining order against Ryan in after he threatened Taylor’s life over the phone. Farrah Abraham appeared on “16 and Pregnant,” which chronicled her life as she welcomed daughter Sophia. Sophia’s father, Derek Underwood, died in a car accident while Farrah was pregnant and the show was filming. Farrah then became one of the four original cast members on the spinoff “Teen Mom.

Farrah Abraham continued to star on “Teen Mom” until midway through the seventh season in , which is when she was fired by MTV after choosing to dabble in the adult entertainment industry while appearing on the show. Aside from reality TV, Farrah released music in August 00 an album called “My Teenage Dream Ended” — and also released a memoir with that same name the same month.

The multi-hyphenate did a stint on “Couples Therapy” in , though she was the first participant to appear without a partner after her then-boyfriend, Brian Dawe, refused to do the show and claimed he was hired to be her boyfriend. That same year, she returned to music, releasing a song called “Blowin’.

Maci bookout and Ryan Edwards

Cough, cough Maci recently tweeted that she feels her true story is not portrayed accurately on the show. Do I feel like my story is accurately portrayed on the show? Absolutely NOT. Absolutely YES!

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Fans sometimes debate among themselves in an effort to determine who is the worst of these villains, and the likes of Jenelle Evans, Farrah Abraham, and Adam Lind usually dominate the conversation. Like most stars of Teen Mom, Mackenzie Standifer has a complex relationship with the people who watch the show that made her famous. For the most part, she seems to enjoy the spotlight, but Standifer has also threatened to quit Teen Mom OG due to harassment from fans.

In the company of his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, Ryan attended his son Bentley’s birthday party , and some who know him well — including Maci Bookout — suspected that Edwards was intoxicated. You would think that after everything Ryan Edwards has put his loved ones through, he would count himself lucky to have anyone in his life at all. But maybe during Edwards’ latest stint in rehab , he dozed off during the part about making amends to those you’ve wronged, because the man is more peevish and petulant than ever these days.

The guy has had a lot going on for the past few years, and pretty much all of it has been absolutely horrific. When Mackenzie Standifer first started dating Ryan Edwards , she was openly unhappy. You might think she was miserable because of Edwards’ addictions , or the fact that his narcissism and general crappiness are rivaled in the annals of Teen Mom baby daddy history only by the likes David Eason or Adam Lind.

If you’ve kept up with all the Teen Mom gossip over the years, then you know that the relationship between Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards hasn’t been great for a while now.

Season 1 (Teen Mom)

Fill out the form below, or call us at Mackenzie Edwards shocked Teen Mom OG fans when she announced her second pregnancy with troubled husband Ryan — and the baby bombshell surprised them too. As Radar readers know, the pregnancy announcement came just months after Ryan completed a day stint in jail for breaking probation from a past possession of heroin charge.

Maci is content co-parenting with Jen, Ryan’s mom, but Ryan is frustrated Jen lets a family again someday, Gary has moved on with new girlfriend Kristina and.

And although he hasn’t made the best choices throughout the years, he remains an integral part of the show, which includes bringing his new wife, Mackenzie Edwards, into the fray, along with their growing family. Because yes, even though Ryan has a slew of his own personal issues, he keeps having more kids and they continue to be a part of his storyline, even if he alternates between going to rehab, refusing to film, and popping up in his segments on the show. In part two of Season 8, Mackenzie is pregnant again with her second child with Ryan, leading some fans to wonder how many kids she has in all.

And, more importantly, if they have plans to continue expanding their brood. Before Mackenzie met and fell for Ryan, she had a son, Hudson, from a previous marriage. In , she married Ryan in an infamous scene filmed for Teen Mom OG and then, in October , they welcomed their first child together, a son named Jagger. In January , Mackenzie gave birth to their second baby, a girl, who they named Stella.

And, as Ryan has had his share of issues with drugs and the law in the past, it means that at times, Mackenzie has dealt with parenting on her own. Still, they seem to be sticking together despite everything and it honestly wouldn’t be surprising if they have more kids in the future. Before Ryan and Mackenzie had kids together, Ryan came into the relationship with Bentley, who he shares with Maci, and Mackenzie had Hudson, who was a toddler at the time.