Cracking the Code on Supermarket Eggs: How Fresh Are They?

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Detective Foodsafe® Inspects Supermarket Expiration Dates

My girlfriends said that some guys pick up women at the supermarket by checking out her trolley layout. If she has bananas hanging over the top, it supposedly means she is single and available. Has this been going on for years and I have just never heard of it before? Years ago it used to be bananas facing up available.

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Not just expired — but already three weeks expired. Worse yet, it was not just one package but an entire shelf! Though she was not on a case at the time, Detective Foodsafe knew that what she just witnessed on the supermarket shelf was not safe for anyone. Naturally, after discovering a full shelf of expired processed meat, Detective Foodsafe walked the aisles in that department to find someone to help.

I need to tell someone something right now, it is important for your customers! Are you aware of that? Exasperated, Detective Foodsafe realized more action was necessary to correct this potential food safety danger. It is just a date on a label, right?

Supermarket Anniversary Facts

It was a woman he spotted in the aisle at his local chain market, a tall brunette who looked like she’d just come from the gym yet still carried herself, according to him, with preternatural grace. So now he’s going to go shopping at the same supermarket at the same time of day every Saturday for months, but he’s already moaning about the impossibility of success. And a gal like her’s got to already be hitched,” he said.

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Date marks give a guide to how long food can be kept before it begins to deteriorate or may become unsafe to eat. The two types of date marking are use by dates and best before dates. The food supplier is responsible for placing a use by or best before date on food. Foods that must be eaten before a certain time for health or safety reasons should be marked with a use by date. Most foods have a best before date. You can still eat foods for a while after the best before date as they should be safe but they may have lost some quality.

Foods that have a best before date can legally be sold after that date provided the food is fit for human consumption.

Can you really find love in your local supermarket?

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Tuna is usually a good indicator that somebody is single.

Food labels placed on items in supermarkets have been a complicated Manually dating—and re-dating—food items takes time, and time costs providing them with an automated system to date code/label food items.

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The rise of automated food labeling platforms is making the process of manual labeling seem antiquated. Food labels placed on items in supermarkets have been a complicated subject for quite some time. One specific area of concern for grocery store managers and retailers is manually date labeling food items and the time that it takes to do so. Some food retailers also re-date food items if the product has not been sold by the date on the label. This happens when grocery store administrators determine the item is safe and healthy to sell.

Not only can the extended date help market the product, but it can also help reduce the overwhelming waste of food in the United States.

A date stamped on a product’s package, known as “open dating,” uses a calendar date to help the supermarket operator determine how long to display.

The bread at your local supermarket will most likely always be fresh, but how do you know which loaf is the freshest out of the bunch? You can squeeze and inspect them like an annoying TSA agent, but there’s actually a much simpler way to do it. I used to just inspect the bread I bought by checking out the “sell by date,” then expect it to last about a week or so after that.

Now, in addition to checking the sell by date, I also look at the bread tags more closely to see just how fresh those yeasty delights really are. Most bread makers use a color code to help indicate when the loaf was actually baked, which makes it easy for store employees to know at a glance what bread needs to be removed and replaced, that way they don’t have to look at the sell by date on every loaf individually.

Now, this code is not universal, meaning that some colors may mean different days for different companies, from state to state, and some companies do not even use a color code system, like most supermarkets who bake their own bread. But, more often than not, the five colors listed above will be present on bread bags, either on the tags or printed as text on the bag itself, especially when the plastic is tightly sealed with no clip, as with some Oroweat rye breads.

Also on some of the tags are dates, which usually signifies when that bread should be removed from the shelves or sold by. Now, that doesn’t mean your bread will go bad on that date, it’s just the bread manufacturer’s suggestion for removing the item and replacing it with a fresher delivery. If the date is printed on the bag itself, it usually comes with one of the labels listed below to what that date actually means. Needless to say, this whole labeling system is confusing as hell , ultimately leading to a serious amount of food waste in America.

Each state has their own labeling rules and there isn’t a national standard enforced by the FDA, USDA, or any other government regulator.

The Importance of Safety in Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Search Search Search. Topbar Social Icons facebook instagram twitter pinterest youtube email. Q: How old are the eggs being sold in the grocery store? A: It’s just about impossible to tell, but they could be up to 2 months old.

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Grocery stores hold the potential to pose a number of hazards to their customers and employees. Below are a few obstacles grocery stores must overcome on a daily basis, and tips on being proactive in addressing the issues. Obstruction hazards can cause customers and employees to trip. It is important to ensure aisles and walkways are clear in order to prevent tripping hazards to customers and employees. Pallets and various other stocking materials should be kept off the grocery store floor during normal business hours to avoid creating tripping hazards.

Other obstacles to be aware of include loose floor mats, any products that have fallen off the shelves, and exposed electrical cords. Super market employees should be on guard for any hazards that present themselves throughout the course of a business day and take immediate action to prevent injury. Slipping hazards can occur from water build-up on grocery store floors. Grocery store staff should always wear slip-resistant shoes and maintain a daily cleaning schedule to prevent dirt and oil from building up on floors.